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Your Tree Planting Experts

Tree Planting Services

Who doesn’t admire healthy young trees? Frontier’s Tree Planting professionals can bring new life to a spot where a tree has required removal due to age and disease. Properly plant, new trees also save energy and protect soil.

Our crews of highly experienced arborists, including one with ISA-certification, can make new trees flourish. Let us work with you to select the best trees for your property. There’s nothing more disappointing than planting the wrong tree in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Frontier can identify the most advantageous trees and planting areas — and help you prevent future problems due to limited space, poor soil management, and invasive pests and diseases.

Custom Maintenance Plan

Not only do we plant your new trees, we develop a user-friendly maintenance plan so you can help them thrive throughout their life span. With Frontier’s four decades of expertise to guide you, the new trees will provide cool, leafy privacy screens — along with lasting beauty and a welcoming habitat for wildlife.

For a free quote on Tree Planting, or any of our other comprehensive Tree Care Services, visit or call (360) 574-8979 or (toll-free) 1-888-544-5006. Our emergency line is 360-601-5766.


Frontier Tree Service has been serving Metro Vancouver-Portland and Clark County since 1980 (originally as Sunshine Tree Service, which became Frontier Landscaping’s tree service division in 2010). Frontier Tree Service is fully licensed, bonded and insured to handle all of your tree service needs.