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Your Stump Grinding Experts

Stump Grinding Services

Stump GrindingFrontier’s experienced Stump Grinding professionals will remove undesirable stumps, improve the look of your property, and make mowing easier.

Leaving a stump behind after removing a tree can invite trouble. Even if you remove the tree yourself, always have a Frontier Tree Care professional remove the stump. Not only are stumps unsightly, they pose a safety hazard.

Another concern is an abandoned, rotting stump can become a magnet for beetles, termites, ants and other tree-unfriendly pests, particularly around standing water.

Preferred Removal Method

Grinding down the stump is the preferred removal option we recommend. With grinding there is minimal disruption to your property. Plus it is more beneficial to the environment, and more affordable than digging, which is costly and labor-intensive.

First we will grind the stump below the surface. Then, to rehabilitate the area, we will just need to add topsoil and plant grass. You can distribute the new mulch, which results from grinding the stump, around trees and in gardens and flowerbeds.

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