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Your Root Pruning Experts

Root Pruning Services

Proper root care increases the beauty of your trees and the value of your property. Frontier’s Root Pruning expertise can restore your beloved trees to optimum health and growth performance for years to come, and prevent unwanted removal.

One of our highly trained arborists will make an onsite evaluation. Why is your tree performing poorly? As your tree physician, we will consider all symptoms and factors, from soil conditions to leaf size.

Next, we will create a treatment program to nurture your tree’s roots back to health. For instance, is the tree able to receive, and distribute, proper water and nourishment throughout its root system? If not, we will make this part of our plan.

Proactive Care

We also consider potential solutions such as enhancing the tree’s root zone and excavating the root collar. Our aim is to recreate the growing conditions that once kept your tree’s root mass healthy, and rebuild growth performance to an optimum level. Then we can prescribe the ongoing TLC you can provide to help your tree flourish for many years to come.

For a free quote on Root Pruning, or any of our other tree pruning services, visit or call (360) 574-8979 or (toll-free) 1-888-544-5006. Our emergency line is 360-601-5766.


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