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Your Insect Treatment Experts

Insect Treatment Services

Some of the greatest hazards to your trees are the tiniest. Frontier’s Insect Treatment expertise can ward off insect attacks and keep your trees strong and thriving for years to come.

Our process is thorough and effective. First we identify the little creatures that are making your trees miserable. Then we use the most environmentally friendly treatment possible in order to minimize use of toxic materials.  In some cases we will help identify the issue and refer a professional spray company.

Knowledgeable Crews

With our experienced team of professionals on hand, your trees will be buzzing with health instead of disease-ridden pests.

For a free quote on Insect Treatment, or any of our other comprehensive tree care services, visit or call (360) 574-8979 or (toll-free) 1-888-544-5006. Our emergency line is 360-601-5766.


Frontier Tree Service has been serving Metro Vancouver-Portland and Clark County since 1980 (originally as Sunshine Tree Service, which became Frontier Landscaping’s tree service division in 2010). Frontier Tree Service is fully licensed, bonded and insured to handle all of your tree service needs.