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We Offer Expert Fruit Tree Pruning

Fruit trees require pruning to maintain tree health, maximize fruiting, and keep fruit within reach for picking. With proper pruning, yield can be greatly increased. As certified arborists, we know when and how to prune your fruit trees.

Typical pruning errors on fruit trees include over-pruning or incorrect timing, which can result in a lot of water sprouts (annoying vertical twigs all over your tree). This is a problem particularly for plants in the rose family- which includes many of our tree fruits (apple, pear, plum, cherry, peach).

By opening up overly-dense canopy, we allow light into the interior, which improves health and promotes more leaf and fruit growth. Dead or unhealthy branches need to be removed to prevent potential disease. Branches growing the wrong direction can eventually cause damage to other parts of the tree and should be removed.

What are your pruning needs? Call us for help with your single fruit tree or small orchard.

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