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Solving Water Problems With Dry Creek Beds

Dry creek bed, drainage solution, solving water problems

Dry creek beds provide attractive, functional relief, especially if your landscape is plagued by standing water. In the wet PNW, drainage problems are a common headache. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Flooded flower beds
  • Pooling water below a deck
  • Swampy places in the lawn
  • Puddles around a foundation

Leaving drainage issues unaddressed has serious consequences, from dead lawn and plants to costly repairs and decreased property value.

The Good News

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April Garden Tasks

What a beautiful time of the year with the rhododendrons, magnolias, camellias, forsythia and other spring flowering plants reaching their peak of beauty. There are a few April garden tasks one can do to keep the garden looking its best this season. Remember what is accomplished early in the season will help cut down on garden maintenance the rest read more

If the Weather is Fickle, you might get in a Pickle!

If the Weather is Fickle, you might get in a Pickle!

Rain weather

We had a pretty funny February and many people (and plants!) feel like spring is here to stay. Well, we’ve lived in the Northwest for a long time and we know better than to trust a warm February. Even though we’ve had an unseasonably warm and dry winter, we might still get cold temperatures and wet weather and it’s good to be prepared.

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