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Outdoor Lighting


Enhance your home’s nighttime curb appeal and increase security with exterior lighting. We install and maintain many types of outdoor lighting, most often energy-efficient low-voltage lighting and LED lighting systems.


Where to Start

At night, do you have to step gingerly as you locate and climb the back stairs? Driveways, walkways, steps and entrances are a great place to start for increased safety and security.

What about the backyard? Is your deck, spa, or outdoor living space less enjoyable because it’s poorly lit? If you’re finding it hard to relax in the light of a single bulb outside your back door, we’re here to help. Well-placed lighting transforms your outdoor space into an inviting and attractive place to relax.

Got a great garden? Using overhead, in-ground and other types of fixtures you can highlight trees, flowerbeds, or other landscape features for additional visual interest after the sun goes down.


We’re Here to Help

Installing lighting takes know-how in order to prevent common lighting mistakes. Awkward shadows can shrink your sense of space, while over-lit exteriors feel harsh and prison-like. Placing too many lights in a row can accidentally leave your landscape feeling more like an airport than a home.

The Frontier Landscaping team keeps you clear of such missteps. We’ll help you find the types and styles of lighting that create the atmosphere you want surrounding your home.

We only use high-quality products for our lighting installations, like Hadco, Vista, FX and other trusted brands. Contact us today to get a quote on installing (or retro-fitting) new energy-efficient lights for your home.


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